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Dry Ice

Dry Ice is available in either pellets, slices or solid blocks. When your dry ice is delivered it will include a safety data sheet which will explain the hazards and correct usage of dry ice.

Dry Ice has many different uses, it can be used for the transportation of temperature sensitive products such as meat and fish etc.., simply pack your product in a thermal container and surround it with the dry ice.

Another use is for stage productions, Halloween parties etc. We would recommend the hire of a fog machine which dry ice can be added to create a fog effect. When using a fog machine the most economical way is to add the dry ice in stages and run the machine for 5 minutes at a time, this will be enough to create the fog effect for approximately 15 minutes.

Thermal insulated boxes for the transportation of dry ice are available.

10kg - 35.00 (inc VAT)

Please note: With a surface temperature of -78.40c, dry ice should not be put into food or drinks, as if digested can prove fatal.

Dry Ice Block
Dry Ice Block

Red Dry Ice Pellets
Red Lit Dry Ice Pellets

Green Dry Ice Pellets
Green Lit Dry Ice Pellets